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Software Testing
  • Monday October 14, 2019
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Software is at the core of all software development businesses. Therefore, taking care of quality assurance remains the top priority for businesses. Any unfavorable impression because of software failures can shatter the market and its social reputation. Therefore, software testing is one of the essential phases of the software development life cycle. In this article, you will learn about the importance of software testing.

What is software testing?

Software testing is the QA technique that determines whether the software product meets the proposed requirements or not. It also determines whether the software product is free from glitches and bugs or not. Various manual and automated tools help software testers validate the software components.

Importance of Software Testing –

  • Bring out the software quality: If your software development needs a quality product, software testing is the most crucial phase. According to a report, in 2018, poor software quality incurs a severe loss of 2.84 trillion dollars collectively across various US firms. Agile software development performs the continuous testing process and is called Software Testing Lifecycle (STLC).
  • Render customer satisfaction: The primary objective of the product development company is to render a product that offers the best performance and satisfaction. Software testing validates the individual and overall functionality of the application, making it perfect for sale. Hence, it is essential to opt for software testing because it gives the prerequisite requirements for user experience. Proper UI/UX, along with the first impression, is a necessary evil for any product.
  • Enhances the development process: Aiding continuous software testing and quality assurance checks in the development process, find a wide array of reducing bugs and errors before deploying it to the market. Developers do not have to wait for the testing phase because rigorous testing remains in process in the background. It makes it easy for the developers to understand the bugs and fix those immediately.
  • Less time to market: If your software has degraded performance, it will surely bring your reputation down in the market. Again, if testers are doing manual tests and then hand over the project to the development team, it might also reduce the time to market. Therefore, performing continuous and automated software testing through software testing applications will enhance the delivery of the project.
  • Software Security: Another crucial aspect of software testing is its security. It is the most sensitive part because any vulnerability in the software may lead to damage of reputation, loss of information, and financial loss to the company. Therefore, clients will look for utmost security and reliability for the product. Software testing help in finding the bugs and flaws in the systems that get reported back to the developers for further updates.


Software testing and quality assurance have a high significance in the software development industries. It’s because the software testing process refines superior quality and ensures that the product is in its best form. Also, software testing reduces the maintenance cost while delivering more trustworthy usability with enhanced functionality.