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Program Highlights

watch_icon Intensive Training
multi_icon Multiple Live Projects
online_icon_fifo Online Live Classes
24x7_query_fifo 24x7 Query Supports
high-quality_fifo High-Quality E-Learning Access
industry_fifo Industry Based Experts Trainers
Real-time Real time scenario-based case studies
EMI_fifo No Cost EMI Option Available
server-access 6 Months Server Access
mock-interviews Resume Preparation and Mock Interviews
placement-support Placement Support With Tie-up and Non-tie-up Companies
global-exam Global Exam Preparation
study-notes Study Materials/Notes
Overall-personality Overall personality grooming session
small-batch Small Batches

Find Out More About the Programme

SAP BASIS (Business Application Software Integrated Solution) is the fundamental component of the SAP ecosystem, ensuring the reliable operation and management of SAP applications that run on Java stack and SAP ABAP. It encompasses an extensive range of tasks for keeping a system operational and functioning well, including configuration, monitoring, and upkeep. As a cornerstone of the SAP landscape, BASIS is crucial for the seamless functioning of SAP because it enables each of the modules to interact with one another easily. Professionals in (BASIS) set up and configure systems and assess for interoperability among SAP modules. To safeguard private information, they create user accounts, supervise access controls, and upgrade and evaluate security measures. By restricting access to only those in need of it, data confidentiality and compliance are improved.

System installation is conducted by BASIS professionals, who customize the SAP ecosystem to fulfill the demands of individual businesses. In order to guarantee optimum system performance, they configure connections, calibrate servers, and optimize settings. Experts in BASIS make sure SAP applications function smoothly with no interruptions by properly handling the resources at their disposal.


Program Outcome:

  • System Installation and Configuration: Participants will know how to configure and install SAP systems, which include both hardware and software elements. They will be empowered to set up server settings, network connections, and a base for SAP apps.
  • User and Authorization Management: Our participants will be learning how to utilize SAP tools for managing user accounts and permissions.
  • Performance Optimization: Upon completion of the coursework, participants will be equipped with the skills needed to successfully modify system settings, enhance server performance, and closely monitor the use of resources.
  • Integration and Data Flow: Participants will learn the fundamentals of how to integrate different SAP systems to ensure data flows effortlessly. They will have knowledge of how BASIS and the functional components are integrated to make company operations work successfully.
  • Patch Management and Upgrades: Participants will learn how to optimize SAP systems with modifications, updates, and enhancements. With this data, they will be equipped to keep the environment secure and up to date.
  • Security and Compliance: Participants are going to learn a lot about how SAP systems manage data protection and compliance techniques.

SAP Advanced Modules:


Why Choose Upgrade Infotech?


Experienced Instructors

Instructors at Upgrade Infotech are qualified SAP BASIS personnel who know what they are doing. Their involvement in real-world expertise lends them useful insights that they are able to impart in the classroom. This helps you discover more by offering you essential industry viewpoints.


Comprehensive Curriculum

Upgrade Infotech's SAP BASIS coursework covers a wide range of topics so that you are familiar with SAP BASIS operations in their entirety. From installing and setting up to troubleshooting and safety, you'll understand a lot about all the important aspects.


Hands-on Training

Focusing on hands-on training, the course allows you to try out what you've studied in a realistic SAP setting. This practical method aids you in getting more proficient and more secure in real-world situations.


Personalized Learning

Upgrade Infotech understands that every learner is different. We offer learning experiences that correspond to your learning pace and degree of understanding. This makes sure that you understand complex concepts properly.


Certification Opportunities

Upon successfully completing the course, Upgrade Infotech has the authority to offer certification or accreditation, which could improve your curriculum vitae and demonstrate your skills in SAP BASIS administration to relevant enterprises.


Supportive Learning Community

As a participant, you will have the chance to interact with teachers and peers within a supportive learning atmosphere. The existence of a collaborative setting promotes the exchange of ideas, fosters meaningful dialogues, and opens up significant networking prospects.

Course Highlights


  • Small batch size
  • Real time scenario based Training
  • Multiple Projects
  • Online Live sessions
  • Classroom sessions
  • 24×7 Query Supports
  • High-Quality E-Learning Access
  • Industry Based Experts Trainers
  • No Cost EMI Option Available
  • Placement support

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Each Day:

Each Day:
8-10am, 10-12noon
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FAQ & Certification

Overview of the Course Content

SAP Basis refers to the administration of SAP systems that includes tasks such as installation, configuration, maintenance, and management of SAP applications.

SAP Basis training is crucial for individuals involved in the technical administration of SAP systems. It provides the skills necessary to manage SAP landscapes effectively.

Basic knowledge of operating systems, databases, and understanding of SAP concepts can be beneficial. Some courses might have specific prerequisites, so it's advisable to check those beforehand.

Training usually covers areas like SAP system architecture, installation and upgrade procedures, system monitoring, user administration, transport management, performance tuning, and more.

The duration can vary depending on the training program or course. It can range from a few days for introductory courses to several weeks for more comprehensive training.

After training, individuals can pursue roles such as SAP Basis Administrator, SAP System Analyst, or SAP Basis Consultant in various organizations implementing SAP systems.

SAP certifications can enhance your credibility and job prospects in the SAP ecosystem. However, they're not always mandatory. It depends on the employer's requirements and your career goals.

Many SAP Basis training programs include hands-on exercises or practical sessions to provide real-world experience in managing SAP systems.

Some training providers offer post-training support, access to online resources, or communities where learners can continue to seek guidance or updates.

Good training programs usually aim to cover the latest versions and updates of SAP Basis to ensure learners are acquainted with current industry practices.


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