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Frequently Asked Questions

Mandarin is the most difficult language to learn. This is mostly true if you do not know other Sino languages. The grammar rules in Mandarin are very complex and have numerous exceptions.

The HSK test assesses foreign citizens’ skills to express various communicative intentions in the writing form using correct words and phrases. To understand different types of written information in mandarin, comprehend information in mandarin given aurally, participate in dialogues, and produce a monologue.

Upgrade Infotech has made it easier for one to learn any course. The timings of the Mandarin Language Course are flexible. The learners for they can learn in their timing without distractions. The number of hours for each course differs according to the level one chooses.

HSK6- Once you have reached this level, you are free to go in any direction: read news, articles, and books, listen to podcasts, watch Chinese television, and communicate with native speakers comfortably. It is the level of Native or Bilingual proficiency.

Mandarin is a complex language. It’s a more complex language than learning a language that is related to English (Dutch, German, Swedish, Romance languages). Expect to put in around three years to become fluent in Mandarin.