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      1) Translator
      2) Flight attendant
      3) Journalist
      4) Foreign language teacher
      5) Interpreter
      6) Teacher
      7) Trainer
      8) Purchasing agent
      9) Social worker

      The Japanese language is known as Nihongo (日本語 ).  Chinese documents record the existence of Japanese words as early as the 3rd century and texts clearly appear during the 8th century.   

      Yes, this course is designed to assist you in preparing for the JLPT exam for the level of your choice. For example, if you are preparing for the elementary level JLPT N5 exam, you can choose the N5 level Japanese language course and so on.

       The employment opportunities get enhanced by learning another language. There are jobs such as translator, interpreter, and trainer in Japanese. Get hired in MNCs dealing with Japanese-speaking populations, like Amazon, Google, JP Morgan, etc. You can get hired in the external affairs office of the Indian government or the Japanese embassy in India.

      The duration of every level, N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1, is 80 hours each. But the level of difficulty is different across all the levels. N5 is the elementary level, N4 is the pre-intermediate level, N3 is the Intermediate level, N2 is the pre-advanced level, and N1 is the advanced level.

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